Hi! My name is EJ, and I’m one of the few summer interns here at The DECK! I was born & raised in Melbourne, Australia, and have come here to Japan for the very first time as a part of a school program offered by Swinburne University of Technology!

こんにちは!私の名前はEJ、The DECKで4名のサマーインターンの一人です!オーストラリアのメルボルンで生まれ育ち、スウィンバーン工科大学のスクールプログラムの一環として、初めて日本に来ました!



I’m studying for a bachelor of design, majoring in web design, and am in my last year of study before I graduate in November. I love art & design and have had an interest in creative pursuits since I was very young. 



Last year, when the lockdowns finally finished, I was introduced to various new creative pursuits such as animation, digital art & comic illustration. I have been able to use these skills in my design work, which makes my work stand out more!



I love traveling and hope to continue working abroad after university as well, hopefully in London or back here in Japan as well!



If you’re having trouble trying to find me, I’m easily spotted by the big cartoon tattoos on my arms and legs! I love cartoons like Studio Ghibli, Adventure Time, and Chainsaw Man, and I’m also a big fan of the Legend of Zelda games!




^ This is me & my dog, Cocoa!

^ 愛犬のココアと私です!


In my free time, I’ll usually be looking for new food to try, and new attractions to see, or I’ll be cuddled up with my Nintendo Switch playing Tears of the Kingdom. 

自由時間には、新しい食べ物やアトラクションを探したり、Nintendo Switchで『Tears of the Kingdom』をプレイしたりしています。



I’m looking forward to completing some projects while I’m here, as well as exploring what the Kansai Region has to offer!