Hello world. This is Tomokazu Morisawa, CEO of The DECK. The purpose of this blog post is, first, to welcome you to Osaka, Japan, second, to offer you free co-working space during G20 summit. Let me introduce our space, The DECK first. We have been operating The DECK for past four yeas with following 4 main functions;

  • co-working space
  • event space
  • maker space
  • share office/meeting space

Throughout these four years, we have achieved hosting multiple international events and actions to make people aware the movement of the world such as global co-working trend, making alliance with other co-working spaces etc.. In that sense, upcoming G20 summit  brings us great impact, not only negative impact such as traffic restriction for local people like me but also positive impact such as having  consciousness about global movement in economically, socially, technologically, environmentally, politically, and historically. Therefore, we would like to welcome all people who come to Osaka with positive aspects. Thus, we, The DECK, Inc. hereby proudly announce that we offer a free co-working space* for people from following 19 countries and areas not only people those who are attending G20 summit and related meetings taking place in Osaka, Japan but also just visiting for sightseeing etc.. (24-29 June, 2019) All you need to do is just show us your passport,  let us take photo of you and tiny paper work. You may use our space for your personal works, small meetings and even an urgent top-level meetings.   Again, welcome to Osaka and we are waiting for you here at The DECK. Address: 2-1-1 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan https://thedeck.jp   Tomokazu Morisawa, CEO, The DECK, Inc. *Terms and conditions apply.