夏の新インターン生2名をご紹介します! Introducing Our 2 New International Summer Interns! 


We are delighted to introduce our 2 new summer interns from the United States – Andrea and Ikdoo, who will be a part of our team for the next 2 months. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to them both! 

この夏、アメリカから迎え入れた2人の新しいサマーインターン、Andrea(アンドレア)とIkdoo(イクドゥ)を紹介します。5/29(月)から7月下旬まで、ウェブサイトの開発を含む海外向けの発信業務や、お客様対応、ものづくり分野で活躍していただく予定です。彼らの経験を深めることを通じて、The DECKのスタッフも刺激を受けることを楽しみにしています。



Hello! My name is Andrea Schiro, and I am a psychology major at the University of Florida in America and am graduating this summer! I will be interning at The DECK for 2 months and am really excited to start working. 

こんにちは!私の名前はアンドレア・シロです。アメリカのフロリダ大学で心理学を専攻していて、この夏に卒業します!The DECKで2ヶ月間インターンをすることがとても楽しみです。


My background is primarily in content creation, influencer marketing, and social media management in the musical instrument and audio equipment field. I have worked with many instrument brands to make content for them to showcase their products. Additionally, I have worked with guitar influencers in the YouTube space to help them manage their content, come up with video ideas, and communicate with brands to procure paid sponsorships. 



My other experiences are more tied to my psychology studies, as I volunteered for 6 months at a crisis center in my college town and was a crisis hotline phone volunteer. Last semester I also conducted my own research, wrote, and presented my honors thesis. The topic was connected to legal psychology, and I looked at how confidence inflation, which is when an eyewitness’s confidence in their identification increases over time, impacts juror decision-making. It was definitely a challenge for me, but I am very proud of myself for completing and graduating with the highest honors. 


Outside of work, my hobbies include everything music, from singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and recording music. In the last year, I have experienced a lot of incredible and painful moments, which have given me a lot of material to write about, so I have written more songs in the last year than ever before. 



One of the most incredible experiences I have had was studying abroad for 4 months in Italy last fall semester. I learned to become more independent, open, confident, and culturally competent, which will help me during my time here at The DECK. After experiencing study abroad, I really wanted to go somewhere else before I graduated and decided to choose Japan because it is so beautiful here and so different than anywhere I have ever lived. I am really grateful and excited to be here to build more professional experience and become better at navigating different cultures in the workplace.

人生で最も素晴らしい経験のひとつは、昨年の秋学期にイタリアに4ヶ月間留学したことです。自立心、開放感、自信、そして文化的な能力を身につけることができたので、ここThe DECKでのインターン生活にも役立っています。留学を経験した後、卒業までに他の場所にも行きたいと強く思い、日本を選ぶことにしました。なぜなら、日本はとても美しく、今まで住んでいた場所とは全く違うからです。私は、ここでより多くの職業経験を積み、異なる文化の混在する職場でをうまく振る舞えるようになることに本当に感謝していますし、ワクワクしています。

I would love to get to know everyone at The DECK and become a part of the community. Thank you!